Songs by jvincion

Songs featuring jvincion

Play Name Game(s) Other Artist(s) Duel Rank
Alfred's Last Day Persona Natthimmel
June 2005: Free Month ALT
An Atmosphere for Murder Deja Vu Forfallen
April 2006: American Adventure Games Month 12 /12
Bear Claws Shatter Iron Swords Forged in Fire Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors 2 Kodiak Attack
June 2007: Free Month 10 /22
Best Game Ever Earthbound spamtron
Raw Dogg Bonejackers
Eric Dude
February 2006: Free Month ALT
Bowser's Inferno Super Mario Bros. 3 Forfallen
July 2005: Mario Month 14 /24
Brings the NANG to Track 16 for mooniniteG Metroid 2: Return of Samus Concrete Mutant
October 2009: Gameboy Games Month ALT
Careening towards Oblivion Road Fighter Forfallen
August 2005: Racing Games Month ALT
Caustic Waterfalls Super Castlevania 4 Forfallen
May 2005: Konami Games Month 16 /23
Conjuring Forth the Abyss Magician Forfallen
September 2005: Free Month ALT
Conquering the North Wall Actraiser Amaranthine Skies
May 2007: Fire vs. Ice Month 10 /24
Dance Party under Mt. Olympus Battle of Olympus Jovian Maelstrom
March 2007: Free Month 18 /24
Descending into the Fray Ultima 3: Exodus Forfallen
June 2005: Free Month 20 /30
Enshrined in Sorrow Dragon Warrior 3 Forfallen
April 2005: Dragon Warrior Month 10 /12
Graveriser Altered Beast Concrete Mutant
December 2009: Free Month 33 /38
Grizzlies Crush Rolling Barrels and Beehives Donkey Kong Country
Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
Kodiak Attack
July 2007: Donkey Kong Month 4 /10
Impenetrable Barrier Super Castlevania 4 Forfallen
February 2006: Free Month ALT
In Appreciation of Your Service Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 Philistine on the Sidewalk
February 2010: Sports Games Month 5 /7
In Preparation of Vengeance Mech Warrior Amaranthine Skies
March 2008: Sci-fi Games Month 9 /17
In the Wake of Thanatos Secret of Mana Forfallen
November 2005: Mana Month 5 /13
Junkyard Racer F-Zero Forfallen
August 2005: Racing Games Month 11 /16
Lady B. Wankmeister, Space Mistress of Funk Space Quest 5 Amaranthine Skies
August 2007: PC Games Month 6 /19
Machinations of the Drakkhen Drakkhen Amaranthine Skies
April 2009: 8-bit vs. 16-bit Month 15 /18
Magical Funk Magician Amaranthine Skies
December 2007: Free Month 42 /46
Moonbeams and Pennywhistles Final Fantasy 4 Natthimmel
December 2005: RPGs Month 13 /24
Nesting Salamanders Battle of Olympus Jason Vincion
October 2012: Free Month 14 /16
Ninja Cowboy Gun.Smoke Concrete Mutant
February 2007: Capcom Games Month 8 /14
Ominous Death Ninja Gaiden 3: The Ancient Ship of Doom Concrete Mutant
November 2009: Ninja Gaiden pt. 2 Month 8 /9
Pico Gets His Groove On in Port Town F-Zero Natthimmel
August 2005: Racing Games Month ALT
Roborobics Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine Natthimmel
November 2008: Sonic Month 13 /17
Sarlac Attack BlackThorne Jason Vincion
November 2012: Blizzard Month 2 /2
Soylent Green Stew Secret of Mana Forfallen
November 2005: Mana Month ALT
Spreading Wing in the Forest Breath of Fire 3 Jason Vincion
July 2010: Breath of Fire Month 2 /3
Tarnet av Fanatikere Final Fantasy 6 Forfallen
December 2005: RPGs Month ALT
Tetris with Cannons Rampart Forfallen
July 2005: Joke Songs Month ALT
The Invisible Man Double Dragon Natthimmel
September 2005: Free Month 12 /27
The Ocean is My Home Secret of Mana Natthimmel
November 2005: Mana Month ALT
The Swirling Vortex Brawl Brothers Philistine on the Sidewalk
April 2010: Jaleco Games Month 1 /2
This Night on Earth Drakkhen Kuribo's Shoegaze
May 2006: Free Month 23 /27
Tree Frogs on a Plane Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Eric Dude
March 2006: Metal Gear Month 11 /13
Wandering Calamity Ys 6: The Ark of Napishtim Paragon February 2006: Free Month 24 /25
What Do You Do? Goonies 2 Natthimmel
September 2005: Free Month ALT
You Might Like My Joints Chrono Trigger Gato Bros.
December 2006: Chrono Series Month ALT