Batman Month Results, MAGFest Month Theme

Next month is the annual MAGFest duel and the theme is..

Dance Party!

It's a Free Month with a twist: your song should be made with a dance in mind. Whether it's club techno, lindy hop or baroque dance, the entry has to make people at the listening party get up from their seats and move their bodies in a beautiful way.
Did I say listening party? Oh yes, The DoD Listening Party will be held live at MAGFest 13 on January 23rd.

Songs are due: January, 20th, 2015. 10:00 AM EST
Send your entries to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The banner is made by Emily Holland of Game-Art HQ artists community.

Batman Month Results

Throw your batarangs in the air and light your bat signals! Here're the results of The World Greatest Detective Month!

#1 Affection State, SJ Van Damme - Batman (NES) - Dream Of Hurt - good -0.25
#2 VankiP - Batman (Genesis) - Chemical Museum - above average +0.47
#3 Ivan Hakštok - Batman (NES) - It's Not Over Until It's Game Over - above average +0.45
#4 GearX2 - Batman Returns (NES) - Eye Of The Batmann - above average +0.39
#5 Harmsing - Batman Forever (Genesis) - Solving Riddles - above average +0.35
#6 creepue - Batman (NES) - Lab Story - above average +0.29
#7 Nestalgica - Batman: Return of The Joker (GB) - Caped Crusader, Clown Crusher - above average +0.2
#8 Leandro Abreu - Batman: Return of The Joker (NES) - Confusing Way - above average +0.14
#9 Andrew Struve, Johnny Kick, Tim Lydon - Batman: Return of The Joker (NES) - Music, BAT Music - above average -0.09
#10 cookiegamemusic - Batman (Genesis) - In The Sky - above average -0.21
#11 Katamari - Batman (GB) - Too Many Bats - above average -0.23
#12 HellWill - Batman: The Animated Series (GB) - The Frozen Penguin's Battle for a Batcookie - above average -0.33
#13 Boroda-kun - Batman Returns (SMS) - Quiet Crunch of Breaking Bones - above average -0.34
#14 Claude D. - Batman Returns (NES) - Speed Metal Chase - above average -0.45
#15 valence - Batman: Return of The Joker (NES) - Batman's Train Wreck - average +0.29
#16 newip - Batman (Genesis) - In The Sky Over Gotham City Streets - average +0.29
#17 TwoJan - Batman: Return of The Joker (NES) - Freeze or Die - average +0.2

Voters: 26

HellWill - Batman Main Theme

Congratulations to Affection State, SJ Van Damme, VankiP and Ivan Hakštok!
Welcome to Dwelling of Duels, cookiegamemusic, newip, HellWill (we forgot the last month mishap) and WOAAAAAH Johnny Kick and Tim Lydon of Year200x!
Thanks everyone for a solid month!

Also, nine (!) entries from Russian artists this time. Apparently, Bats is Russia's national hero!

Download and stream the updated entries:

Last Updated on Thursday, 04 December 2014 21:55

Batman Month Entries

The Batman entries are up! That's quite a turnout!


Vote using the voting app and send your votes to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Vites are due: November 30th, 11:59 PM EST

Be a good Dark Knight and write reviews on our forums! Reviewers get extra weight to their votes.

Thanks to everyone who made it to the listening party! (LOG)

Last Updated on Thursday, 27 November 2014 06:06

Batman Month Listening Party

Tune in to Arecibo Radio at 10 PM EST, Nov 26th to listen to the Caped Crusader Month entries and vote!

Facebook event.

On the website:
Or download a playlist to use with a media player of your choice from the website.

On the website:
Or use an IRC client program and go to #areciboradio on EsperNet.

Last Updated on Monday, 24 November 2014 23:13
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About DoD

Dwelling of Duels is a monthly VGM covers competition. Competitors submit redone versions of game music and the entries are voted upon by the community. Entries must comply with these rules:
• The song must follow the current month's theme;
• The song must be previously unreleased;
• The song must not be shorter than 2 minutes;
• The main instrument must by played live.
e-mail for submissions and votes:

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