It's Multiplayer Month!

Yuzo Koshiro Month is over! Congratulations to PokérusVGM, on his first ever victory, after over 4 years of DoD participation!

Next month is Multiplayer Month! You can cover music from any game that features any form of multiplayer gameplay, whether it's local or online, co-op or versus, turn-based or realtime. But wait, that's not all! Multiplayer games require more than one player, right? That's why, just like Collaboration Month, each entry must also feature two or more artists!

The amazing banner spanning through the decades of multiplayer games was done by Travis Bolek.
You can find more of his work on his website, or follow him on Twitter.

Thanks to Impact Soundworks, the winner will be getting a prize - one of the following ISW libraries: Shreddage Drums, Shreddage Bass 2, Shreddage, Shreddage 2 or Super Audio Cart!