Songs by Czyszy

Play Name Game(s) Duel Rank
A Lavenderer Shade of Lavender Pokemon Red/Blue August 2016: Pokemon Month 7 /12
Another cover of The Moon to be thrown to the pile DuckTales August 2017: Space Month ALT
Big Nose Goes ALL LIVE Big Nose Freaks Out April 2017: Free Month ALT
Blue and Red Dots Mega Man 3 June 2016: Free Month 10 /21
Broken Laptop Pinball (WIP) Pinball Dreams February 2017: Pinball Month ALT
Cloudy With No Chance of Getting to the Podium, so I'll submit this as an ALT Mega Man 7 April 2017: Free Month ALT
Final Euphony Final Fantasy July 2017: Free Month 15 /17
Final Euphony (backing track) Final Fantasy July 2017: Free Month ALT
Fusionvania 1979 DuckTales June 2015: Jazz Month 12 /14
I can't improvise on the axe for sh*t but at least the backing track is decent, right? RIGHT? Delta
The Great Giana Sisters
April 2017: Free Month ALT
Innocent Rhapsody Seiken Densetsu 3
Metal Slug 5
June 2016: Free Month ALT
Jazz Bomber Mega Man 4 January 2017: Brevity Month 6 /35
Journey into Space Tyrian August 2017: Space Month 3 /7
Love Letter to J-VGM Mother 3 May 2016: Mother Month 6 /13
Metal Hakśtok Advance 2: Panic in Streifigland Metal Slug Advance April 2017: Free Month ALT
My Friend, The Wind Detana!! Twinbee
Magical Drop 3
July 2016: Arcade Month 4 /7
No Time to Relax, Mr. Kidd! Bonk's Adventure [GB] May 2015: Free Month 23 /25
Perfect Selection: Dracula Fiddle (Alt Version) Castlevania: Symphony of the Night March 2017: SotN Month ALT
Progkusenman (including: "Memory Die", "Bible Burndown" and "Protoman's Lullaby") Mega Man 2 July 2015: MM2 vs MM3 Month 9 /9
Single Coil Hype Go! Go! Hypergrind November 2016: GameCube Month 5 /10
Strange Memories of the Moon Gimmick!
April 2017: Free Month ALT
The King of Limbo Limbo of the Lost September 2016: Free Month 14 /15
Tribute to Kain Mega Man 2
Mega Man 3
Ninja Gaiden 2
Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest
June 2017: Kain Month 0 /17

Songs featuring Czyszy