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DoD Europe Month Entries and Voting

Any discussion about past, present and future DoD competitions and songs is in here!

DoD Europe Month Entries and Voting

Postby IvanHakstok » Sun May 28, 2017 1:23 am

Entries are up! Grab them on the duel page and vote vote vote!

Deadline for voting is the end of the month, send your votes to
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Re: DoD Europe Month Entries and Voting

Postby Harmsing » Mon May 29, 2017 11:31 am

:thanks: for Sonic :)
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Re: DoD Europe Month Entries and Voting

Postby Demonstray » Thu Jun 01, 2017 3:02 am

Cross-post from TheShizz:

Review time!

Battletoads Double Dragon NES - Tail of the Ratship

Intro feedback drags on a little, and once the drums come in, they’re a bit dry for my taste. Both the unprocessed kit and the fairly static/monotonous drum grooves start to get on my nerves partway through the song. The arrangement doesn’t really go anywhere, but I can definitely appreciate that towards the end you put in some more cymbal work (I think) to fill out the rhythm section more. Overall, a pretty middle-of-the-road start to the DoD entries, which is certainly better than some months!

Delta - Returning to Source

Instruments rush and drag against each other, not really following the tempo as closely as they need to be. Chords and even the lead can get a bit disharmonious with each other and the bass, which makes the song feel a bit unpleasant at times. Really like the balance of the instruments, though! Feel like the snare could use a bit more snap but doesn't sound bad as it is. I also like the synth patches a lot, and is that lead in the last chunk of the song controlled with a EWI?! Awesome. I'd say mostly well done, though it needs a bit of work to be as excellent as you intended it to be.

Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddys Kong Quest - Web Woods

Great choice of instruments (especially the vibraslap), and very pleasant sound overall. I really love when the piano crescendo happens and everything ramps up, but some very strange compression artifacts appear, mostly with the piano itself but definitely affecting the whole mix. Still really great to listen to, and with just some tweaks to the piano’s levels and compression ratio and stuff, among some other nitpicks, this could be absolutely perfect. Well done!

Donkey Kong Country - Dicks out for DK

Your toms sound like blocks, your kick and snare sound like wet floppy messes (especially the snare, and sometimes the attack of the snare only happens in one speaker? That's Addictive Drums for you) and your lead guitar work sounds a bit tense, like you are too scared to make your performance expressive or fun. Not much else to say about the song because nothing else really happens that you don't hear in the first minute or so. It's clear that you're skilled at guitar and can play pretty fast, so you should get more comfortable with making your sustained notes more expressive! Overall pretty average, but keep entering for sure!

Donkey Kong Country - Mining for a Living

Loving this right from the beginning, you've definitely wowed me with your percussion work and the acoustic performances along with them. The electric guitar performance that comes up is a bit lackluster and only really contributes some frequencies to fill out the stereo field, so there's some work to be done there. Still a solid entry and exciting to hear some ethnic percussion!

Gauntlet III The Final Quest Treasure Master - Gauntlet III title screen

God damn this is sweet. Between the acoustic intro and the absolute ball-busting build-up, the start of this song rules. One of the lead guitars is a bit harsher than the other, though, and it sticks out in the beginning but thankfully is easy to get used to quickly. Violin could do with either some compression or a bit of a volume drop. In fact, all of the lead instruments could probably be brought down 1 to 2.5dB and sound a bit more pleasant. Anyway, this arrangement is so goddamn good I can't even be bothered about the few nitpicks I have with the mix.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - Big Smoke And a Large Soda

This is so great; I love the lyrics. Makes me wanna go replay the game. Bass line rules, and the delivery of the lyrics is so apathetic, which I kinda adore. After a bit it starts to sound like you're saying “Number 9 lodge” though ahaha. If it were me, I would have taken the song a bit further with another verse before the repeated “A number 9 large / And a large soda” at the end, because Big Smoke has way more gold in the script of that game, but that's just me! Great job.

Jurassic Park NES - Jurassic Park Level 1

Holy shit that hard-hitting 90s synth drum beat. Wery KMFDM, wery hahd, wery PUMP. Gets a bit repetitive even with the varying guitar performances, but still cool. The major scale guitar work when the slide comes in sounds a bit weird sometimes but overall a neat touch and unexpected form of variety. Neat tune!

Looney Tunes Marvin Strikes Back - Nobody Expects the Spanish Composition

Love your accordion work; it's totally fun to listen to! Shifts from 4/4 to 3/4 and back are EXCELLENT, you nailed these performances. Harpsichord goes a bit further out of rhythm than the other instruments a few times which sticks out but not terribly. Great work overall!

Magic Johnsons Fast Break - Edgar Enchantments Quick Snap

This entry is supes groovin’ and fun. Early on, though, there's a lead guitar that sounds kinda like straight DI without an amp somewhere, and it's a bit distracting because the other guitars sound like they're recorded through juicy cabs bursting with flavour. Lead synth sounds a bit awful and disconnected and LOUD tbh. Later on, the transition between first half and second half feels a bit early like you forgot how many measures you had played, and some of the more gainy lead work doesn't quite hit the mark (played too softly and the note doesn't ring out). Otherwise, great tune!

Runescape - Pleasant Voyage

Is this fucking Drumkit From Hell you can't use that here. Some of the kick and tom fills feel pretty unnatural and programmed. Kind of a weird ambient dissonance going on here, where there's a room mic channel on the drums and it doesn't jive with the reverb on anything else, so the drums really feel like they're recorded on like one channel overtop of the master track containing all other instruments lol. Anyway your arrangement was a bit repetitive but still not bad to listen to! Nice tune.

Sonic 3D Blast - The Grove is Always Greener

Those damn Addictive Drums again, they really don't sound like drums anymore to me lmao. Anyway, shaker is fucking awesome and you're at least good at programming opening and closing hi-hats so that's good. E-piano work is awesome, and so is your acoustic piano. Lead guitar and synth work sounds real weird, like there is too much chorus effect on the guitar and the synth is some patch that would work awesome in the song it was made for but you just ripped it unmodified from your softsynth presets, crossed your fingers and exported the final MP3 lmao. Anyway your sax is perfect and if you just replace most of the instruments, even the drums, with saxophone, your entry would be parfait!

The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings - Dead Means Recording

Holy shit everybody, is Pogo a DoDer now?! Jk he's too Australian (I think) and only he could convince MichaelTheCrow to come back :( Anyway, sweet entry if a little feedback-heavy at times. Ambient isn't usually my gig but I didn't mind this!

Wolverine NES - XMen BBQ Burgers Beer

Loving this, your lead and rhythm guitar work are awesome and fit the source material perfectly. I feel like the bass guitar could come up a bit just because I can't hear as much through my earbuds as I can in other entries, but that could definitely be my earbuds and surrounding noise. I also would have liked the hi-hat grooves to be a bit fuller and more pronounced, maybe throw in some 16ths/32nds, triplets, etc. Drums otherwise sound perfect for what's going on, and the entry is just super fun.
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