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DoD SotN Month Entries and Voting

Any discussion about past, present and future DoD competitions and songs is in here!

DoD SotN Month Entries and Voting

Postby IvanHakstok » Sun Mar 26, 2017 4:19 pm

Entries are up! 10 mains, 3 alts. Nice turnout!

Voting deadline is March 31st, 11:59 PM EDT.

Listening party TBA.
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Re: DoD SotN Month Entries and Voting

Postby Harmsing » Mon Mar 27, 2017 10:43 am

Interesting month 8|

I want to note "Woodcarving Prelude & Fugue" .
I have deep respect for those musicians, who make covers with well written polyphony of their own. This needs hard work and it's very interesting to listen to, because you see how musicians deal with themes.
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Re: DoD SotN Month Entries and Voting

Postby streifig » Tue Mar 28, 2017 9:44 am

Reviews! Reviews! Reviews!

An Artist's Tragedy
I like the sonic textures you got here. Sounds like an intro to a Pink Floyd song. The problem is, there is no song, the entire track is that intro that goes nowhere. Is this a choir of ebows in the background?

Ghosts of the Colosseum
Nice guitar tone, great energy and the blend of instruments! The bass is a bit too prominent in the mix, maybe? (sry I like to tame my bass) The part at 2:00 is fucking A, great job! Def one of my faves.

Here Lies Roy G. Biv
Woah, MTL with synthesizers! Love the blend of brutal guitar and organ. Not a big fan of the lead tone at approx 1:20 though or the way it sits in the mix. Seems a bit out of place. Sry, I'm looking for at least something to pick on. Great job overall! The ending gained this song an extra slider move to the right.

Lost Harmonisations
Interesting work on the chord progression. The lead tone is kinda meh. Too much gain, could use cleaner and warmer tone for this kind of arrangememnt. Also it's too loud and overpowers the keyboards which are the best part of the song. The whammy bar vibratos and bends got you a little slider notch to the right tho ;)

Miss Hubris
Classic DoD track. A-ok lead tone mixed very much upfront while everything else is mushed in the background. The drums and bass lack energy and proper humanisation. The ending is pretty awesome, the rhythm guitar is def the strongest part of the song.

Nocturne (Bring Me To Night)
Great bass tone! The rhythm guitar tone is too metal-zone-ish, if you catch my drift. Mids, man! The vocals are good but can't help the feeling that they could benefit from some delicate Melodyne work.

Oh, books
Another MTL track! I like the energy of the rhythm section and guitars. The lead tone is a bit nasal to my taste, but overall decent. The clean parts are great. My biggest gripe is the brickwalling master bus treatment. No need to wage that loudness war, man, some dynamics never hurt and would be easier on listener (=my) ears.

Perfect Selection: Dracula Fiddle
This is a weird one but i like it a lot. Reminded me of my student days when I listened to Ninja Tune records by huge amounts. Great variety of styles but nice flow. The bass is a bit too loud and the clean guitar is too dry and stingy. Dat sax tho! And sitar, ahaha! Well, the ending is weird. Great job, one of my favorites this month.

Silent Film Partita
You, sir, won my heart. Great playing, great stylization, A plus would buy again. Those trills at the end made me very happy.

Woodcarving Prelude & Fugue
This one had me a bit conflicted. Love the harmonies you got there. Not very into the guitar tone. Too much distortion, not enough dynamics. Some unpleasant dissonance pop up sometimes (guitar intonation issues?) I know that tone like this has its dedicated fan base on TheShizz so I better shut my trap. Great job overall.
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Re: DoD SotN Month Entries and Voting

Postby IvanHakstok » Tue Mar 28, 2017 11:56 am

:thanks: :thanks:
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