Raub's B-day
This was one of the first shizz b-day flash movies, made by Kain for Raub.

Kain's Birthday Flash!
This was something Ashane and I did many moons ago.
He animated the whole thing, I mostly supplied him with sprites.
I drank so much soda while doing this, you don't even know.
Note that the pacing on this one is slower than the others.

Ninja Flash 1!
As a birthday gift to Ryan8bit, I did this flash myself
I still enjoy the fight scene the most out of the ones I've made.
Note that the lettering may be screwed up on this and Ninja Flash 2
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Ninja Flash .5!
In revenge, Ryan8bit made this flash for my birthday sometime later.
As can be expected it's generally more polished than anything I do.
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Ninja Flash 2!
A few years after NF1, I finally did a Ninja Flash 2.
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Ninja Flash 3!
And years later, a Ninja Flash 3.
TIP! After the Foxx battle, hit enter and click on scene 8 so that the music works. It won't load otherwise.
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Ninja Flash 4!
Ryan followed this up with Ninja Flash 4 in 2012.
It is far in excess of my capabilities!
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Rauble birthday!
Something quick I made for Raub's birthday to see if I remembered how to use flash.
Long ago Kain also made him something like this. The Rauble Kick joke is originally from an animated sprite comic I did called "So you're a n00b on the Minibosses message board".
It kind of took off from there.

Crimson Birthday 2011
Kain made this animation for me in 2011.
I don't know how he is so good at these things but it's awesome.
I may need to remove his brain for science.
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Kain Ex!
Quick little b-day gift for my Canadian bro.
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Auriplane + Matsu + Ashane animation!
I did this in like 5 minutes for a few people.

More old stuff here.